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This blog is a collection of transgressive ideas, thoughts, essays, and poems, and everything else as it pertains to indecent theology.*

«La teología indecente» was the project of the late Professor of Contextual Theology at the University of Edinburgh, Marcella María de los Angeles Althaus-Reid. Born and raised in Argentina, she went on to complete her PhD in Scotland in 1993 at the University of St Andrews under the supervision of the late Revd Steve Mackie on the influence of Paul Ricœur’s hermeneutical method on the first generation of liberation theologians. Seven years later, in 2000, she published Indecent Theology, the landmark text which carried her signature style and flare, but also marked the beginning of her provocative career as a sexual theologian. Later she become the first-ever female professor at New College, Edinburgh in its five hundred year history. A prolific writer, she authored two monographs, hundreds of essays, and served as an editor for several volumes on sexual and body theology. However, her life was cut short as she succumbed to cancer. It is difficult to properly assess the importance of such a career as Althaus-Reid’s. Undoubtedly, the bulk of her work lay ahead of her.

Althaus-Reid’s indecent theology was an examination of theology from the perspective of marginalized bodies, bodies whose corporeality and sexuality have been overlooked. In the words of Marcella María Althaus-Reid:

Indecent Theology is a theology which starts with people’s lives and critical experiences without censorship. It is a theology which tells people to come as they are, and to come out of the closets of their sexuality as lesbian, gays, transvstites, transgendered, bisexuals but also heterosexuals. (Italics mine)


About the Author

IMG_2292À la a reductionist, deterministic-Calvinistic theology: I did not choose indecent theology, indecent theology chose me. As an undergraduate at one of Florida’s small, independent Christian universities, I was inadvertently ‘exposed’ to The Queer God while doing a class project on “gay theology” (we were covering contemporary developments in liberal theology as part of a systematic theology course). As a part of class presentation, I was supposed to take the position of defender of ‘gay theology’. One can hardly understand the totality of Althaus-Reid’s work after nearly three years in graduate education, let alone as an undergraduate. Little did the professor know that this assignment would forever change the course of my academic interests. The rest, as they say, is herstory.


In short: my name is Alejandro Escalante. I am a graduate (’10) of Trinity College of Florida with a degree specializing in Church Ministry. As of May 2013, I matriculated to Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York as an M.Div. student. I hope to a Ph.D. in systematic theology. My interests are in liberation theology, Latin American cultural studies and politics (especially Puerto Rico), and Marxist and post-Marxist politics. You can find me at these places:

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*The website containing the original information was located at althaus-reid.com; unfortunately, this website has gone offline. However, thanks to several Internet resources, I am slowly attempting to move all the information to this website in hopes to keep the work of Marcella alive–at least on the Internet.